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At McFarland Clinic we dispense and service a wide variety of digital hearing instruments from a hand full of manufacturers.

The hearing instruments of today come in the convention in-the-ear style to a miniature behind-the-ear hearing instruments. Some of the key features available are:

  1. Directional microphones help hear conversations in noisy situations.
  2. Feedback suppression helps diminish the amount of "ringing" the hearing instrument makes when your hearing aid for example gets too close to the phone or if the instrument is fitting a little loose.
  3. The low battery indicator tells the individual when the battery is becoming low by emitting a series of beeps in your ear or actually saying the word "battery" in the ear.
  4. Automatic volume control is a feature that allows more volume for low-level sounds than for high-level sounds which maintains audibility in most listening situations for the end-user.
  5. Bluetooth capability allows hands-free use of Bluetooth-enabled cell phones or any other device with that technology.

Technology today has many other features to choose from depending on the hearing instrument candidate's hearing loss, needs, and lifestyle. We offer lifetime service to our clientele who purchase their instruments from our establishment which includes follow-up visits, maintenance, and further adjustment that may be required. Charges may occur to our patients after the hearing instrument's original warranty expires if the instrument has to be sent into the manufacturer for repair.

We also offer a full line of hearing instrument accessories such as batteries, dri-aid kits which help combat moisture and other disinfecting products. Other supplies such as amplified phones or tv accessories can be ordered at any time.

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Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing Aid Evaluations are available for persons interested in obtaining hearing aids. Patients with certain problems like ringing, dizziness, draining ears, and sudden hearing loss should first consult an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician (ENT).

Hearing Aid Dispensing

We dispense conventional, programmable, and digital hearing aids from a wide variety of manufacturers of all sizes. Hearing aid supplies include batteries, dri-aid kits, wax guards, and earmold disinfectant. Other supplies and assistive listening devices can be ordered: Distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing Swim plugs Industrial hearing testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear just one hearing aid?

Hearing loss usually occurs symmetrically in both ears and by wearing two hearing instruments you will be able to localize the sound, hear better noise and have a richer, fuller hearing experience.

Do you provide follow up care for my hearing instruments?

For the lifetime of your hearing instruments, if purchased through McFarland Clinic, we will provide visits every 3-6 months at no charge to you to insure your instruments are working the best they possibly can. If you instrument requires repair that we can not perform in office, we will send it to the appropriate company for service. Most of our warranties are for 2 years and during that time period, repairs are at no charge.

What companies do you order from?

Since there are over 200 hearing instrument manufacturers, at McFarland Clinic, we have developed relationships with five companies (Oticon, GN ReSound, Phonak, Micro-Tech and Starkey). This insures that we are up on current technology to provide our patients with state of the art hearing instruments.

Will I have to get a big bulky hearing instrument?

Hearing instrument technology has come a long way since the old style ‘body worn’ hearing instruments. They are much more cosmetically appealing than they once were and styles are such that they are barely seen.

Can I get a telephone to help me hear my loved ones better?

At McFarland Clinic we are able to order several different styles and types of communication devices to help with phone use. We also are contracted with Telecommunications Access Iowa, which can provide lower income Iowan’s telecommunication equipment at little or no cost.

Will background noise affect my ability to hear?

There is no hearing instrument that can totally block out unwanted background noise. Hearing instrument technology of today does provide increased comfort in the presence of noise.

Does my insurance cover the cost of my hearing evaluation and hearing instruments?

With a referral from your medical doctor, most insurance companies will cover the cost of a hearing evaluation. There are some companies that do cover some or all of the cost of the hearing instruments. We strongly advise our patients to contact their insurance providers prior to their appointment to confirm if hearing aids are covered by their individual plan.

Can I be helped by a hearing instrument?

Latest technological advancements make it possible to help individual losses that may not have been helped a few years ago. According to the Better Hearing Institute, hearing instruments can help about 95 percent of people with hearing loss. Together with your Audiologist, we can determine the best instrument for your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Can hearing instruments restore my hearing to normal?

There is not a hearing instrument that has the ability to restore hearing to normal. Hearing instruments help you get the most out of the hearing that you have intact.

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