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Mohs Surgery

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Mohs Surgery
When you are diagnosed with skin cancer, your provider may recommend Mohs Surgery. Mohs Micrographic surgery is a specialized surgical treatment for skin cancer with a cure rate of 97-99 percent.

During the procedure, the Mohs surgeon removes the visible tumor and a margin of healthy tissue. Then, your removed tissue is "mapped" and examined under the microscope for remaining cancer cells. With the Mohs procedure, the surgeon can examine 100 percent of the tissue that surrounds the tumor.

After the cancer is removed, the Mohs surgeon repairs your skin. Reconstruction may be performed by simply sewing up the wound, or by using techniques such as skin flaps and grafts. Occasionally, wounds are allowed to heal on their own (without stitches, flaps or grafts). Your Mohs surgeon will help you choose the reconstruction technique that is best for you.

Watch these videos below to help prepare you for surgery.

Patient Care Video Library

Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Skin Cancer Diagnosis

In this video Mohs Surgeon, Dr. Leslie Christenson talks about the most common types of skin cancer.

Why Mohs Works

Why Mohs Surgery Works

Mohs Surgery is the most effective treatment for skin cancer. Dr. Christenson explains how Mohs works.

Pre-Surgery Instructions 

Pre Surgery instructions

Dr. Christenson walks you through what you need to know before surgery.

Mohs Surgery Day

Mohs Surgery Day

Mohs Surgeon Dr. Leslie Christenson talks about what you can expect during your surgery day.

After the Surgery

After Mohs Surgery

Dr. Christenson explains what you need to know after the surgery and how to have the best possible outcome.

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