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At McFarland Clinic we dispense and service a wide variety of digital hearing instruments from a hand full of manufacturers. The hearing instruments of today come in the convention in-the-ear style to a miniature behind the ear hearing instruments. Some of the key features available are:

  1. Directional microphones helps hear conversations in noisy situations.

  2. Feedback suppression helps diminish the amount of "ringing" the hearing instrument makes when your hearing aid for example gets too close to the phone or if the instrument is fitting a little loose.

  3. Low battery indicator tells the individual when the battery is becoming low by emitting a series of beeps in your ear or actually saying the word "battery" in the ear.

  4. Automatic volume control is a feature that allows more volume for low level sounds than for high level sounds which maintains audibility in most listening situations for the end-user.

  5. Bluetooth capability allows hands-free use of bluetooth enabled cell phones or any other device with that technology.

Technology today has many other features to choose from depending on the hearing instrument candidates hearing loss, needs and lifestyle. We offer lifetime service to our clientele who purchase their instruments from our establishment which includes  follow-up visits, maintenance and further adjustment that may be required. Charges may occur to our patients after the hearing instruments original warranty expires if the instrument has to be sent into the manufacturer for repair. We also offer a full line of hearing instrument accessories such as batteries, dri-aid kits which help combat moisture and other disinfecting products. Other supplies such as amplified phones or tv accessories can be ordered at any time.

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