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Flu Shots and Flu Clinics

This is where to get your flu shot at McFarland Clinic locations in central Iowa. Want to schedule your flu vaccine? Find options to schedule with a primary care provider or at one of our flu clinics.

Why Get a Flu Shot?

The influenza vaccine...

  • Is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older.
  • Protects against up to four different types of flu viruses.
  • Prevents or reduces severity of illness, hospitalizations, and missed work or school.
  • Saves lives, especially in young children and older adults.
  • Does not give you influenza.

Where and When to Get a Flu Vaccine

Get your 2023-2024 flu shot now at these McFarland Clinic locations. When scheduling online, please be sure to schedule a separate appointment for each person getting a shot.

Schedule Online

Online scheduling available at select locations. Please schedule appointments for each family member. If you don't see open appointment times near you, please try calling.

Schedule Online

Call for a Flu Clinic or Primary Care Provider Appointment


Family Flu Clinics

Location: 1215 Duff Avenue Office

  • Designated hours for flu shots for all ages 6 months and older.
  • Evening and weekend appointments available.

> Call 515-239-4400 or Schedule Online

Flu Shots at Primary Care Offices

Get your flu shot at one of the following primary care offices:

Adult Medicine
Location: 1215 Duff Avenue Office

> Call 515-239-4431


Family Medicine East Office
Location: Family Medicine East Office

> Call 515-663-8621


Family Medicine North Office
Location: North Ames Office

> Call 515-956-4050


Family Medicine South Office
Location: South Ames Office

> Call 515-239-3040


Family Medicine West Office
Location: West Ames Office

> Call 515-663-4892


Location: 1215 Duff Avenue Office

  • Evening and weekend appointments available.

> Call 515-239-4404 or Schedule Online


Family Medicine
Location: Carroll Office

  • Evening appointments available.

> Call 712-792-1500 or Schedule Online

Iowa Falls

Family Medicine
Location: Iowa Falls Office

> Call 641-648-2586 or Schedule Online


Family Medicine
Location: Jefferson Office

> Call 515-386-4192 or Schedule Online


Family Flu Clinics
Location: Marshalltown Office

  • Designated hours for flu shots for all ages 6 months and older.
  • Evening and weekend appointments available.
  • Drive-through clinics available.

> Call 641-752-5469 or Schedule Online


Family Medicine
Location: Nevada Office

> Call 515-382-5471 or Schedule Online

Story City

Family Medicine
Location: Story City Office

> Call 515-733-5191 or Schedule Online

Webster City

Family Medicine
Location: Webster City Office

> Call 515-832-6700

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