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Ala's Extraordinary Story - How She Found Pain Relief

Ala was having so much back pain that she said she could hardly walk.

"I got up [on a] Saturday morning, and I crawled across the floor," she said. "I could not make my legs move. I was hurting."

Ala sought help from Family Medicine physician Dr. Shaun Quam at McFarland Clinic in Carroll.

"I first met Ala as an ER follow-up," Dr. Quam said. "She initially developed acute low back pain with pain radiation down her legs."

Ala wanted a conservative approach to her treatment and opted for physical therapy.

"I came three days a week, six weeks, and they were marvelous," she said. "I felt good."

"She has done fantastic," said Dr. Quam. "I've seen her several times since the initial visit, and she has continued conservative management with physical therapy and home exercises."

Ala was so pleased with her treatment from Dr. Quam and McFarland Clinic that she chose to establish with him as her primary care physician.

"She's a fantastic patient," Dr. Quam said. "A patient that any physician would like to have."

Ala wanted Dr. Quam to know just how much she appreciated his care, so she wrote a letter for him. It read, in part...

I have to tell you I have never had such great care from someone who really cares. I appreciate the attention I get. I feel I can continue to go on. I'm so very happy with McFarland Clinic. The doctors, physical therapy, the lab, X-ray. What a wonderful place.

"She reminded me of the reason why I went into family practice--developing these close relationships," said Dr. Quam. "And seeing her speak highly of me almost brought tears to my eyes. It was great."

As for Ala, she recommends Dr. Quam and McFarland Clinic whenever she can.

"He cares about me. I can't ask for a better doctor. I highly recommend McFarland Clinic, and I tell a lot of people. You people care, and that's what it's all about."

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