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"Positive Attitude and Encouragement" - How Occupational Therapy Helped a Patient

Occupational Therapy patient with provider

After breaking her elbow on her 35th birthday, Jena had to undergo surgery then wear a cast for four weeks.

Jena was told that she may not regain full motion of her elbow, which left her feeling devastated. Once she was able to have her cast removed, she was referred to Rachel Chariton, OT/CHT, an occupational therapist at McFarland Clinic in Ames to begin therapy on her elbow.

Rachel reviewed Jena’s condition and established a treatment plan to help Jena regain full motion of her elbow. Jena started occupational therapy treatment three times a week. Therapy began with a variety of range of motion techniques targeted at the elbow including custom splinting and a dynamic elbow extension splint. Although Jena was frustrated with the slow progress at times, Rachel stayed positive and explained that elbow injuries are a long and hard recovery.

Jena admits that it was painful at times as she worked through recovering from her injury. With all of the hard work she put into therapy, after five months she was able to successfully regain nearly full range of motion and strength of her elbow. This allowed her to return to her normal daily activities, which exceeded her expectations.

“It was Rachel’s positivity and push that motivated me to continue pushing myself,” states Jena. “Without her positive attitude and encouragement, I may have given up and accepted that motion in my elbow would be limited.”

Jena attributes her success to Rachel’s positivity and her occupational therapy skills.

McFarland Clinic’s Occupational Therapists focus on rehabilitation from the elbow to the fingertips. Many are Certified Hand Therapists. Occupational Therapists help patients restore normal hand function for work, school, recreation, and daily living. Referrals are not needed for physical or occupational therapy evaluations.

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