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Playing in an Orchestra - Outside the Exam Room with Dr. Killion

Outside the exam room, Dr. Jennifer Killion is an active participant in the Central Iowa Symphony, where she plays violin and viola.

Dr. Killion, McFarland Clinic Adult Medicine physician, has played both instruments since she was a child and joined the Ames-based orchestra in 2017.

In this Q&A, we ask Dr. Killion all about her musical experience.

When did you start playing music?

Dr. Killion: I started playing viola when I was 9 years old and picked up violin at age 14. I majored in music at Iowa State University.

When did you join the Central Iowa Symphony?

Dr. Jennifer Killion smiles and holds a violin while standing outside a physician's exam room.Dr. Killion: I joined the symphony when a friend asked me to and my kids had grown into teenagers in 2017.

What is the most rewarding part?

Dr. Killion: I enjoy the challenge that symphony music provides me. I also get to play with my son, who is in the cello section. A highlight in the past year was playing at a concert in Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

How does devoting time to this activity help with your well-being?

Dr. Killion: Playing music gives me a focus and world outside of my practice. I'm not the expert in the room. I am an amateur who enjoys playing music.

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