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Coaching Soccer - Outside the Exam Room with Dr. Jordison

Outside the exam room, Dr. B.J. Jordison gives of his time and talent to coach high school soccer.

Dr. Jordison, McFarland Clinic Family Medicine physician, coaches at Gilbert High School in Gilbert, Iowa. His team was recently crowned Class 2A champions in Iowa high school boys' soccer.

In this Q&A, we ask Dr. Jordison why coaching is important to him.

When did you start coaching soccer?

Dr. Jordison: I started coaching 12 years ago [in 2011] when I joined McFarland Clinic. I played soccer at Gilbert High School.

Why are you passionate about coaching?

Dr. B.J. Jordison smiles and holds a soccer ball standing outside a physician's exam room.Dr. Jordison: My purpose is being a good mentor in the lives of young people. It has been rewarding to get to know the youth and their families in the community.

What is the most rewarding part?

Dr. Jordison: Seeing my players become good contributors to society is most rewarding.

What was the experience like winning the state title?

Dr. Jordison: Awesome! It is a super-big high when your hard work pays off. In my 12 years, we have made it to State six times placing as high as second. This was special as it is our first-ever state title.

How does devoting time to this activity help with your well-being?

Dr. Jordison: I am grateful for my colleagues who allow me to adjust my schedule in the spring to accommodate my coaching schedule. My patients have also been very understanding. Coaching helps provide a change of scenery for me outside of the normal 8-to-5 office hours.

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