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Billy's Story - Back to Pickleball with Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Billy loves to play pickleball, golf, and drums, but osteoarthritis in his shoulder made it so he couldn't do any of those things. In his own words, Billy reveals how shoulder replacement surgery helped him get back to doing what he loves.

"I was looking for a game that I could play in my later years, and I discovered pickleball and got hooked on the game to where I was playing it 10, 12 hours a week. I think it's the sound of the ball hitting the paddle. It makes a really neat click sound. And there's  lots of good folks that play the game, where we've become like a pickleball family.


"The pain hit me, as far as that shoulder, and it become more apparent when I was golfing with my swing. And I'd raise the club and I'm going, you know that really is starting to hurt. Pickleball especially, it was getting to be excruciating pain, so it got to the point where I couldn't do either one."

Billy turned to J. Adam Hamilton, MD, McFarland Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon in Marshalltown. Dr. Hamilton diagnosed Billy with primary osteoarthritis in his shoulder.

"The ball and the socket of the shoulder, the cartilage had worn out," says Dr. Hamilton. "And in that process, the body perceives this as an injury and it tries to heal."

Billy continues:

And he said, that's not because of your sports. It's because of genetics. That's the reason you've got this. And you've got three choices: live in pain, get more injections in that shoulder which haven't been working, or three I'm going to get you a new shoulder. And I said, well I want the new shoulder and I want it as soon as you can get it.


I can't begin to say enough of the treatment that I received. And I've told a lot of people about my experiences with [Dr. Hamilton]. You don't need to go out of town, folks. You got the best guy right here.


I'm back, I'm back! The pickleball is great. Golfing has been unbelievable!


I would recommend this clinic and would come here for anything.

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