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Bicycle Safety: Tips to Stay Safe While Riding

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Riding a bicycle is a great form of exercise with many health benefits, but you need to practice careful and responsible riding to stay safe. Here are some tips for riding safely from McFarland Urgent Care physician Kevin Rahner, DO.

Bicycle Safety Equipment

Use the following safety equipment on your bicycle and yourself to stay safe while riding your bike.

  • Bicycle helmet
  • High visibility clothing
  • White front reflector
  • White front light
  • Red rear reflector
  • Red rear light
  • Side reflectors on the wheels and pedals (white or yellow)

bicycle safety infographic - equipment

Bicycle Safety Tips

Follow these tips for riding your bicycle safely and responsibly.

  1. Follow traffic rules and road signs as if you were a motor vehicle on the road.
  2. Be watchful and look ahead on your path.
  3. Avoid distractions such as headphones, cell phones, and other devices.
  4. Be alert and pay attention to vehicles and other people around you. Assume that other people don't see you.
  5. Stay on designated bicycle paths when possible. Avoid sidewalks intended for pedestrians only. When on the street or road, travel in the same direction as the traffic around you.
  6. Identify hazards in your path and avoid them.

bicycle safety infographic - tips

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