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The Department of Pathology at McFarland Clinic is a team of caring professionals dedicated to providing quality services and results. We provide our patients with quality coordinated healthcare. To this end, our Pathologists provide interpretation of submitted tissue samples, analysis of ancillary tests, and consultation with clinicians to ensure proper patient diagnosis and to facilitate the best possible treatment options. Our pathologists are experienced physicians, some with extra training in specialized areas of pathology, and are always dedicated to working with the patient and their clinician to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Department of Pathology evaluates approximately 15,000 surgical and non-gynecologic cytology/FNA cases and over 14,000 gynecology cytology cases per year. Many cases have multiple parts requiring special procedures, such as histochemical special staining and/or immunohistochemistry. McFarland Clinic has relationships with other facilities so we can provide whatever services are necessary to provide you, the patient, and your provider with the best possible information about your diagnosis.

Story County Medical Examiner Services are also a function of the McFarland Pathology Department. The Pathology Department processes approximately 70 Medical Examiner cases per year.  We perform a necroscopic exam (autopsy) on about 12 percent of these cases; some cases are referred to the State Medical Examiner’s Office; most require no necroscopic exam. We are grateful to be able to provide this service for our community.

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