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We're in it Together

Orbera is a twelve month weight loss journey, and getting the most out of this system means having a team devoted to your success.

If Orbera is right for you, our team helps you use it to change your eating behaviors, and sustain that progress long after the balloon is removed.

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Orbera is a tool for achieving lasting results, and it's thrilling to help guide patients on their weight loss journey.

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Dr. Bryan Feyen Dr. Bryan Feyen and his team are ready to help patients in Central Iowa achieve their weight loss goals.


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Orbera can help you lose three times the weight of diet and exercise.

But the real results happen when you understand it’s not a shortcut, that it’s a tool for learning how to take control.

Why Orbera Works

Because You Learn to Listen to Your Body

Because It Helps You Change Your Habits

Because 6 Months Gives You Time to Re-Program

How Orbera Works

A deflated balloon is inserted into your stomach and then it is filled to the size of a grapefruit. The entire process usually takes 20 minutes and most people go home hours later.

“Before, I would eat until I was stuffed, but now I can tell the difference between being satisfied and being overly full.”

Orbera is a tool for taking control of the way you eat.

Are You a Candidate for Orbera?

Only a physician can tell you whether or not Orbera is right for you, that’s why a consultation is so important.

But if you’ve tried diet and exercise without success, Orbera might be the tool for taking control of your eating behavior.

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You Probably Have a Few Questions

These are the most common, explained by patients who have used Orbera.

What is the "Orbera" System?

Will I Need to Take Time Off?

Does it Work?

Invest in Lasting Results

The total for all of our services is $7,995. This includes your balloon insertion and removal, several appointments with our specialists, along with diet and exercise counseling with our nutritionist. Remember, we're in this together.

Keeping the Weight Off: The Complete Aftercare Program

The Aftercare Program is part of the unique ORBERA® 2-Part Program that combines the 6 month placement of the gastric balloon with a 12-month coaching program. The complete ORBERA® Aftercare Program includes the following items to assist you with adjusting to your new and improved lifestyle:

  • 1:1 sessions with a registered dietitian
  • Group sessions
  • Physician visibility of progress
  • Hundreds of ORBERA® appropriate recipes
  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android
  • Unique picture based food diary

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