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Patient Relations

McFarland Clinic's Patient Relations department is here to assist and advocate for patients and families with concerns related to medical care.

The Patient Relations department acts as a liaison between patients, staff, and providers. We support the delivery of high-quality, safe medical care. We also provide quality-improvement education for physicians, providers, and staff.

Our goal is to improve the quality of care and service through a patient-focused process of continuous improvement. We use McFarland Clinic’s vision as our guiding principle. Our core beliefs are that people have a right to be listened to in a respectful and objective manner with empathy and professionalism.

Contact Us

The Patient Relations Office represents all McFarland Clinic locations. You may contact us by calling during regular business hours, by mail, or by sending us a message online.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I share a concern and may not give my name?

Yes, however, we need your name in order to best address your concerns.

Who should I talk to if I have a HIPAA concern?

You can contact the Privacy Office at 515-239-4488.
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