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Looking to establish a relationship with a friendly, knowledgeable physician who will help oversee your overall health? If you are interested in establishing a primary care provider at McFarland Clinic, we would be happy to help. Please feel free to call (515) 956-4110 or fill out the form below to receive assistance.

Please note that in an effort to keep your private health information secure, we will not be emailing you a response to this form as it is not a secure method of communication. 

You will be contacted within 1-3 business days via phone to discuss your needs and establish a primary care provider for you. If you have an urgent health care concern and need to be seen by a provider sooner, please call McFarland Urgent Care in Ames and Carroll or McFarland Express Care in Ames and Marshalltown for same day or next day appointments. You may also call any one of our McFarland Clinic Adult Medicine, Family Medicine or Pediatrics offices.

First Nurse Mary Greeley Medical Center Nurse Triage is a free, confidential health information service staffed by registered nurses 24 hours a day. Individuals can call and speak to a nurse for healthcare advice, resources and referrals, a service that is especially useful when a doctor's office may not be available. Available 24 hours, First Nurse Mary Greeley Medical Center Nurse Triage can be reached by calling:

  • Ames: 515-239-6877
  • Marshalltown: 641-754-6877
  • Anywhere in Iowa: 800-524-6877

Interested in learning more about what a primary care provider is and what role this professional will have in your healthcare? Learn more about primary care providers here.

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