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Community Resources

These links to community resources are intended to help with a range of needs, such as housing, health, food, transportation, clothing, mental health, and crisis hotlines.

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General Resources

An easy-to-use search platform connecting Iowa residents to essential resources like healthcare, financial aid, housing, food assistance, and mental health services.

Comprehensive resource for Iowans offering information on healthcare programs, public health initiatives, welfare assistance, and child welfare services.


Connects Story County residents with accessible public transit to healthcare, employment, and essential services, providing ADA-compliant rides and resources for community members.

Offers accessible and affordable public transportation services throughout Western Iowa. Connects residents to essential destinations including healthcare, employment, and shopping.


An online resource helping patients identify prescription assistance programs for affordable or free medications. Connects people to healthcare support quickly and easily.

Mental Health

Provides information on mental health programs, resources, and crisis services to support Iowans seeking help. Find local care providers and state assistance programs.

Offers education, support, and advocacy for individuals and families affected by mental illness. Find programs, peer support groups, and resources to improve mental health care in Iowa.


A free resource offering impartial counseling to help Iowans navigate Medicare. Assists with plan comparisons, enrollment guidance, and answers to Medicare-related questions.

Comprehensive resource for Medicaid programs in Iowa, offering information on benefits, eligibility, and enrollment to support low-income families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.

Food Assistance

Connects residents across Iowa to essential food assistance services. Features food pantries, meal sites, and emergency aid available in Ames, Boone, Carroll, Fort Dodge, and more.

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