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Here is what people are saying about Dr. Salti and the staff at McFarland Vein Clinic...

I love Dr. Salti's nurse! She invites questions & reminds me to call if I need to.

Dr. Salti is SO very kind. I trust his care, feel free to ask questions, & I admire how he treats those who work with him.

great experience

The doc was mindful of a sterile field, as was his nurse - very careful & thorough.

I'm shocked if I wait more than 3 to 5 minutes. I've never felt like the wait was too long.

I'm shocked if I wait more than 3 to 5 minutes. I've never felt like the wait was too long.

We had heard positive things about Dr. Salti. We were impressed with his bedside manner and knowledge. Positive experience.

Missy is very informed & caring easy to talk to. Missy & Laura were great.

Nurse Missy was great. I had 4 surgeries, during one I didn't feel well, she gave me a walker and help me to feel better.

When I write to Dr. Salti's office through MyChart. I get an answer very quickly.

I REALLY like & respect Dr. Salti & his team. They are very kind. His nurse is always quick to call me after I write or call with a question. Dr. Salti is a kind man & is very kind to his co-workers.

The doctor & nurse were very careful to protect the area that needed to be sterile.

I always like to see a doctor who is kind to his staff. Dr. Salti is very much a member of his team, not lording his position over them.

Very professional, kind, fun, knowledgeable, compassionate.

Dr. Salti's skills on how to communicate, listen and care for a patient are above any doctor I have seen and his ability to look at the patients totally should be taught to new docs. Even though he is a specialist he takes time to look at patients med. issues.

My career was FF/EMT and during procedures sterile field was maintainted at all times.

Nurse very helpful in changing clothes & putting elastic socks on.

Dr. Salti explained everything very clearly and took his time with me. Dr. told me each time he put the shot in my leg and if it would hurt - very gentle dr.

I have been with Dr. Salti over 3 years and have, and will continue to recommend him to several friends who have...

I am very grateful for the expertise of Dr. Salti and his staff.

No delays.

Eve though they routinely schedule my type of procedure in the mornings, they allowed me to schedule procedures in the afternoon to accommodate my work schedule. I really appreciate that!

Never any delays! Called back to the treatment room promptly upon my arrival. Even when I arrived early.

I have the highest regard for Dr. Salti - as a doctor and as a human being.

Dr. Salti's nursing staff are amazing.

No delays!

Very impressed with Dr. Salti and his nurses. He went out of his way to squeeze my surgery in on his afternoon off.

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