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Thank you for making an appointment at McFarland Clinic Travel Clinic located within Family Medicine at 3600 Lincoln Way. We look forward to seeing you. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.


At your visit a doctor will:

  • review your itinerary
  • review your personal medical history
  • recommend vaccines
  • discuss other travel related health concerns

Necessary vaccines will be administered at your visit. You will also be given prescriptions for medications you may need during the course of your travel. 

The cost of travel related health assessment, counseling and vaccines may not be covered by insurance. We will submit all charges to your insurance carrier. If your policy does not cover these costs, you will be billed at a later date. 

Please call your insurance carrier prior to your visit to determine the extent of your coverage. This could be viewed as a preventive service and can impact other preventive care in the same year.

The visit cost ranges from $122 to $125 (99213 established/99202 new) for short, straightforward assessments, to $180 (99214 established/99203 new) for longer, more complex visits.
**If you present as a family, each member will be billed a lesser charge.

The list of vaccinations, and estimated fees, that may be given during your encounter include:

Hepatitis A (90632) - $89
Hepititis A&B (90636) - $129
Typhoid (90691) - $175
Yellow Fever (90717) - $126
Meningoccal (90734) - $128
MMR (90707) - $72
Polio (90713) - $56
Tdap (90715) - $68
Hepatitis B (90746) - $99
Japanese Encephalitis (90738) - $349/shot
Rabies (90675) - $456/shot
Oral Typhoid - $80 to $100 (prescription to be filled at your pharmacy)

There is a fee for each administration of the vaccine that will vary depending on the number of shots given:

90471 or 90460 - $34
90472 or 90461 - each additional injection $21

If you have further questions please call Family Medicine West at 515-663-4892.

Sean Juguilon, MD
Valerie Torgerson, DO
Travel Clinic Providers

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