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Where are you located? Where is the Cancer Center located?

We are located at 1111 Duff Avenue in Ames, Iowa. The William R. Bliss Cancer Center is located on the second floor in the North Addition of Mary Greeley Medical Center. Oncology and hematology services are also available at four outreach locations, listed here.

Do your oncologists specialize in treating specific cancers in their practice?

All of our medical oncologists are trained to treat a wide variety of cancers.

Do your oncologists practice hematology?

All of our medical oncologists are also hematologists.

What do I need to bring with me for my first appointment?

For your initial consultations:

  • Please bring with you a complete list of medications (including dosing information and any over the counter medicines you are currently taking)
  • A list of questions you have for your oncologist
  • Contact information of a family member/significant other for release of information and/or emergency contact
  • Any pertinent health information, including: any medical conditions, surgeries and family history
  • We encourage you to bring a family member/significant other to your appointment

For your follow up appointment: 

  •  Complete list of medications (including dosing information and any over the counter medicines you are currently taking)

For your infusion appointment:

  • You are encouraged to eat prior to your infusions
  • You may bring food and drink. Coffee, tea, soda and crackers are available at all of our infusion centers
  • Wear comfortable clothing, a blanket will be provided
  • You may bring a laptop, book, headphones and other diversion activities
  • Friends and family are welcome!

Do I need to be fasting for my appointments?

You will be instructed by our staff to fast, if needed, prior to lab work, radiology tests and/or procedures.

Do you participate in clinical trials?

Yes. Please visit the Mary Greeley/Bliss Cancer Center Clinical Trials page for a description of current clinical trials. Our clinical trials program allows patients access to the latest clinical trials without the need to travel.

How do I choose my oncologist?

All of our oncologists see new patients. An oncologist will be selected for you, based on where you will receive your care (Ames or an outreach site). You may request a specific oncologist.

Where will I receive my chemotherapy treatment?

Infusion therapy is given at our Ames location and at several of our other outreach sites, including Marshalltown, Webster City and Jefferson.

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