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What will I have to pay for study medications and procedures?

Nothing. All procedures and medications related to the study will be provided at no charge to the patient.

Will my insurance be charged for these procedures?

No. All study related procedures and medications are provided by the sponsor of the study so neither the patient nor their insurance are charged.

What benefits are there for participating in a study?

As a participant in a study, you will be given the opportunity to be one of the first to receive the benefits of a new medicine before it is even on the market for use. Additionally the study medication may provide improved results over what is already available on the market or what you may have been prescribed.

How do I get involved with a clinical trial?

If you think you would be a good candidate for a study, simply contact PMG Research of McFarland Clinic at 515-956-4159, or you can talk to your health care provider while at an appointment.

If I don’t live in Ames, can I be in a study and be seen at my local McFarland Clinic?

You can be in a study, but we are unable to travel away from our office in Ames due to government regulations on the storage of medications and other guidelines set for the studies. Some studies, however, will offer a stipend which can be used toward travel expenses for the patient.

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