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Breast Imaging: Breast Density

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What is Breast Density?

Breasts are made up of a mixture of fibrous, glandular and fatty tissue. Your breasts are considered dense if you have more fibrous or glandular tissue and less fat. Having dense breast tissue increases your risk of developing breast cancer.

How Do I Know if I Have Dense Breast Tissue?

Automatic software analyzes mammogram images objectively and consistently, providing the radiologist with breast composition information including breast density assessment.

A breast density score will be included in the patient letter following the mammogram screening. The score will range from A (fatty) to D (extremely dense).

Women with dense breasts (category C or D), should consider additional breast exam options in addition to a yearly mammogram. Additional screening options include Breast MRI and AWBUS.

  • 40 percent of all women have dense breast tissue
  • Mammography may miss cancers in women with dense breast tissue
  • Finding cancers earlier can improve survival
Breast Density scale

Breast Density Scale

A - Fatty
B - Scattered fibroglandular density
C - Heterogeneously dense
D - Extremely dense


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