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About Patient Surveys

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Our Patients’ Experience

Our mission at McFarland Clinic is to provide our patients with the highest quality health care that we can. To accomplish this, we need to know what we are doing right and what needs improvement. We depend on our patients and their families to keep us informed.

Your feedback about your experience is valuable to us. By sharing your thoughts and feelings about your health care experience, you can help make our care better for future patients and their families. If you would like to visit directly with a member of the McFarland Clinic Patient Relations team about your experience, please call (515) 239-4467.

Patient Surveys

We believe it is important to listen to the voices of our patients and share how we score. We utilize the services of a patient experience improvement firm, Press Ganey, to assist us in mailing surveys to our patients and monitoring scores and comments.

The survey we send to our patients contains a total of 22 questions. A patient will receive a survey no more than once every 90 days.

Our Patient Experience Committee communicates results to our staff, recognizes successes, and has put into place internal processes for addressing areas of concern. Each department as well as each individual provider receives reports for review and follow up.

Star Ratings

Patient scores from the Press Ganey survey are then calculated into a star rating to help visualize our providers performance. Press Ganey questions on the survey have a five response categories and receive mean scores on a 0-100 scale:

Mean scores on the 0-100 scale are then divided by 20 to get stars on a 0-5 scale.  

Example: Mean score of 94.4 divided by 20 = 4.72 or 4.7 stars

Our providers receive patient survey reports every six months with data from surveys returned in the previous 12 months. The Star Ratings for that time period are presented on their reports and then placed on his or her respective profile page on the McFarland Clinic website, viewable through our Find A Doctor feature. Patients will also see the number of surveys returned during that time period to formulate the star ratings calculation.

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