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Patient Experience

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What is Patient Experience?

Patient Experience

Patient Experience refers to the various interactions you have with members of the McFarland Clinic team. Our goal is to provide a consistent and positive experience that exceeds your expectations. A positive experience ensures patient safety, quality of care, and improved health outcomes.

How is Patient Experience achieved?

Active listening and shared decision-making are two important components of a positive patient experience. When staff actively listen with every person in every interaction, it builds a trusting relationship so that patients feel comfortable sharing important health concerns. Engaging you in shared decision-making is also extremely important for us to understand your needs and advance your care plan.

How is success measured?

McFarland Clinic measures success by listening to you and your family members in order to improve the patient experience. Methods for patient feedback include patient satisfaction surveys, comments shared with clinic staff and Patient Relations representatives, and feedback from the clinic’s patient advisory council.

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