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Disease Prevention

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What is Disease Prevention?

Disease Prevention

McFarland Clinic physicians monitor the health of their patients to prevent or identify early diseases such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular complications. Prevention and early diagnosis is important for the patient's overall health status and for reducing long term health costs.

How is Disease Prevention achieved?

Physicians monitor and manage disease through office visits with their patients. It is important that individuals establish a trusting relationship with a physician or provider to determine frequency of visits and prevent the development of chronic health conditions.  

How is success measured?

Timely health screenings such as laboratory tests, mammography and colonoscopy are offered to patients to measure risk or identify health concerns. Your provider will guide you regarding needed tests.

Breast cancer and colon cancer are both relatively common and very treatable when caught early, so screenings for these cancers are two important things McFarland Clinic is measured on by both Medicare and Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Here’s how we perform:

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"Listening to our patients, offering preventative care, and having a relationship with a primary care provider are key to sustaining both the physical and emotional health of individuals and our communities."


Donald Skinner, MD - McFarland Clinic Medical Director

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