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Cost-concious Leader

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What is the Cost-concious Leader?

Cost-concious Leader

McFarland Clinic has been recognized for its financial stewardship in proactively managing the total cost of care to ensure the highest value for the care received.

How do we achieve being the Cost-concious Leader?

McFarland physicians use evidence-based medicine to avoid unnecessary testing and procedures. In addition, procedures, x-rays and tests at McFarland Clinic are often less expensive than services provided in a hospital setting.

How is success measured?

Since McFarland Clinic is a physician group and does not own a hospital or other care facilities, we require insurers to gather cost data from all the various care sources to assess our cost performance. Iowa’s leading insurer compares this data from organizations using the Wellmark 3M Value Index Score (VIS). This assesses the quality and value of the care McFarland Clinic patients receive in 16 different measures and scores us on each one on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

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