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Access to Timely Care

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What is Access to Timely Care?

Access to Timely Care

Access to care means being able to see a medical provider when you want and need to be seen. Whether you are sick, injured, or need to schedule a routine office visit for preventative care, the ability for you to schedule a convenient appointment time is a priority at McFarland Clinic.

How is Access to Timely Care achieved?

McFarland Clinic offers same-day appointments in our primary care offices and the availability of Urgent Care and Express Care during the day, evening and weekends. This timely access to care in doctor’s offices is cost effective for both the patient and the insurance payer.

Better access to a doctor’s office for care reduces the likelihood of expensive visits to an Emergency Room for non-emergency health issues. One ER visit alone can cost as much as eight office visits.

How is success measured?

McFarland Clinic continually monitors physician schedules and next available appointment times to determine when to recruit for more capacity.

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