McFarland Clinic

Our Vision

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Our Vision 

We will be the trusted choice for enhancing the health and well-being of our communities.

Our Mission

We care for people.

Our Promise

Extraordinary Care, Every Day

Our Values

  • Quality Care and Extraordinary Service
  • Trusting Relationships
  • Exceptional Workplace

As caring professionals, we demonstrate these values through.....

Quality Care and Extraordinary Service

  • Delivering coordinated, patient-centered care.
  • Actively listening and being present with every person in every interaction.
  • Being timely, compassionate, and accountable to the patient.
  • Engaging in shared decision-making.
  • Assuring understanding and satisfaction.

Trusting Relationships

  • Respecting each other as individuals.
  • Starting with heart and assuming the best intentions of others.
  • Demonstrating empathy.
  • Nurturing and supporting the provider-patient partnership.
  • Acting with integrity.
  • Encouraging a feedback-rich culture.

Exceptional Workplace

  • Being compassionate, being inclusive, and welcoming different perspectives.
  • Encouraging individual development.
  • Embracing innovation and enabling excellence in our work.
  • Recognizing and supporting the full spectrum of individual well-being.
  • Building working relationships through teamwork and dialogue.
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