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VIDEO: Sutton & Priscilla - An Extraordinary Story

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August 26, 2019

Little Sutton was having a tough time with getting her finger poked. Priscilla, an Environmental Services Worker at McFarland Clinic, knew just what to do to help.


PRISCILLA: I like working at McFarland Clinic because I get to see a lot of different people. I enjoy that.

SHAWNE: Having twins has been definitely a joy. It's crazy, and we often say that our life is organized chaos.

SHAWNE: Sutton was sitting on my lap and not too thrilled about having her finger poked. Priscilla happened to be in the lab at the same time.

SHAWNE [to Priscilla]: "She was the one you helped!"

PRISCILLA: I love kids, and I just thought I could help.

SHAWNE: Priscilla had said, "If you let them draw your blood, you can have whatever's in your hand." At that moment it was just that distraction Sutton needed.

PRISCILLA: You know, I just give them a little something if they're having a bad day.

SHAWNE: Sutton immediately offered her finger up.

PRISCILLA: Sutton said, "That didn't hurt at all!" [laughs] I mean, it just made me feel good.

SHAWNE: It was just that small gesture, but it really did mean a lot. We just really appreciated Priscilla.

PRISCILLA [to Sutton]: "Maybe I'll see you again!"

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