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What Earning #1 In Quality Care Means for McFarland Clinic

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September 9, 2019

A child is seen by a provider.

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield named McFarland Clinic #1 in quality care for the third year in a row. McFarland prioritizes providing affordable, quality care to the community, while being proactive and ensuring patients stay healthy.

Quality Care & McFarland Clinic

What is Quality and Value?

Find out how McFarland Clinic defines quality and value and how it affects your care.

Quality care means many things to McFarland Clinic and its providers. McFarland Clinic Medical Director Dr. Donald Skinner said there are two perspectives to giving quality care. 

The first perspective is what the provider can offer. 

“Let’s talk to our patients and get them the things they need to stay healthy,” Dr. Skinner said about the first perspective.

“The second perspective is what we as an organization need to do to monitor,  measure, and manage the systemic and chronic health concerns in our patient population,” he continued. 

Making Care Affordable

Consistent, quality and affordable care has been implemented in McFarland Clinic with many initiatives. 

“We have presented opportunities for patients to meet their needs outside of the emergency room,” Dr. Skinner said about one of the initiatives.

Urgent care, express care and first nurse call are three examples of possible emergency room alternatives, which can keep health care costs down and increase accessible care. 

“Good access is critical. We want people to see their primary care provider for their urgent needs," Dr. Skinner said. "This is also the place to discuss prevention and care of chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure." 

Proactive Care

Proactive or preventative care is a top priority for McFarland Clinic. Disease prevention doesn’t just start when patients are older, but for those in adolescence.

“For younger people, who may not need a mammogram or colonoscopy, you should know what your weight is and other information such as your blood pressure measurement, or symptoms of depression," Dr. Skinner said. “We are becoming more proactive and trying to get people in for the testing they need or an examination that they should have.”

Our Initiatives

McFarland Clinic has added new initiatives to patient care including depression screenings and health counseling. These important conversations can occur in a variety of office visit settings such as a patient’s first visit with their primary care provider, during an annual exam, or a follow-up exam.

Depression Screenings

  • Dr. Skinner said mental health and depression screenings are an important part of care at McFarland Clinic. “Mental health drives other healthcare costs. People who have mental health needs have greater health care needs,” he said.

Health Counseling

  • Giving a patient counseling regarding their health can steer them in the right direction for preventative health. “Counseling about exercise, healthy eating, mental health and immunizations are just a few examples of things you should do to stay healthy,” Dr. Skinner said. 

Primary Care Providers

  • Dr. Skinner believes having a primary care provider is an important part of quality care. “The best place to start is with your trusted provider that you know, and you’ve had a relationship with,” he said. “They can guide you to meet your health care needs based on risk factors and age."

Future plans are already on McFarland Clinic’s radar including chronic disease care/management and advanced care planning.

Evolving Care

Overall, Dr. Skinner believes McFarland Clinic continues to assess, evolve, and stay ahead of the healthcare industry. This allows McFarland Clinic to give quality, affordable and accessible care to the community. 

“We are constantly thinking about medication cost, appropriate testing, prevention of hospitalization, proper place of care, and access,” Dr. Skinner said.

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