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Medicaid MCO Update

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December 15, 2015

McFarland Clinic is currently reviewing the contracts offered by each of the new MCOs. We have not signed a contract with any of the plans at this point, but our goal is to continue to provide access to Medicaid members in our service area.

The State has directed the MCOs to consider any current Medicaid provider as "in-network" for the first six months of 2016. McFarland Clinic will continue to see existing Medicaid members during this transition. Patients do not need to switch providers at this time regardless of the plan that is chosen/assigned.

If McFarland chooses to not sign a contract with a specific plan, there will be opportunities to switch to another plan. Medicaid members may change their plan selection up until March 18th, 2016 for any reason. After March 18th, 2016, members can change their plan for "good cause". A good cause reason includes a provider not being in the member's MCO if it impacts the member's health outcomes.

Iowa Medicaid Member Services is also available for members to call with questions at 1-800-338-8366 (8AM - 5PM, Monday to Friday).

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