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McFarland Clinic Rated #1 in Quality & Value by Iowa's Leading Insurer

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July 13, 2021

When McFarland Clinic started in 1946, the founders believed that physicians of different specialties working together can better coordinate care for patients.

This belief has continued as a guiding principle through McFarland Clinic’s near 75-year history. Recent data from Iowa’s leading insurer, Wellmark, demonstrates that this belief has translated to better quality of care and value for Iowans.

Rated #1 in Quality and Value

What is Quality and Value?

Find out how McFarland Clinic defines quality and value and how it affects your care.

McFarland Clinic has contracted with Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield since 2014 as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) providing medical care for over 50,000 Wellmark members. The purpose of an ACO is to better coordinate care for patients, resulting in higher quality, lower costs and improved patient experience.

For five years running (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), McFarland Clinic has been rated #1 in quality and value as determined by Wellmark’s 3M Value Index Score (VIS) out of 14 participating ACO organizations, including many of the state’s largest systems and clinics. The VIS rating is based on scientific principles and a set of measures developed from research about health care quality. The score assists in measuring the effectiveness of an ACO and provides objective information on a doctor’s performance.

The six main factors composing the VIS scoring are:

  1. Screening for early detection or prevention of disease
  2. Managing urgent health issues
  3. Managing the health of patients with chronic conditions
  4. Continuity of patient visits
  5. Engagement with recently discharged hospital patients
  6. Efficient use of drugs and avoiding unnecessary medical tests and services

“We are delighted with the honor of being number one in high quality and value but what matters most is how this benefits our patients and the communities we serve,” said Andrew Perry, Chief Executive Officer. “Convenience and coordination of care are essential to our promise of' Extraordinary Care, Every Day.' We have a tremendous responsibility to be accountable and responsive to each patient’s unique needs.”

Patient Feedback

While data measures are one way to monitor progress in providing high quality and affordable care, McFarland Clinic physicians and staff also value and listen to feedback from patients about their experience. We encourage patients to share comments to help us make our care better for future patients and their families. If you would like to visit directly with a member of the McFarland Clinic Patient Relations team about your experience, please call (515) 239-4467.

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