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September 29, 2010

On September 2, 2009, Louise Kesterson of the Marshalltown area, had her yearly mammogram at McFarland Clinic in Marshalltown. She was then told a second mammogram was needed. A biopsy was needed and they discovered that she had breast cancer. On October 13, Kesterson had a lumpectomy.

“I chose to go to McFarland Clinic because my regular family physician is a McFarland doctor. At first when they discovered the cancer I thought I would have to go to three or four different places,” stated Kesterson, “However, after my initial appointment with Dr. Van Buren (McFarland Surgery) I was very much at ease with being able to have everything done at one place.”

After her lumpectomy, Kesterson decided to treat her breast cancer with MammoSite, a five day targeted radiation therapy offered at McFarland Clinic. “I felt very good about it, the staff at McFarland was very helpful in letting me know exactly step by step what was going on,” said Kesterson.

MammoSite targeted therapy uses a high does of radiation directed right at the area surrounding the lumpectomy cavity to destroy any cancer cells that may remain. This limits exposure of radiation to other normal, healthy breast tissues.

The MammoSite five day treatment process uses a small, soft balloon attached to a thin catheter. This balloon is placed inside the lumpectomy cavity. Radiation is then placed within the balloon. There are ten treatments over five days. After each treatment the radiation is removed, the balloon stays in place until the final treatment. The MammoSite balloon can be placed by Dr. Van Buren in Marshalltown. The radiation treatment takes place in Ames.

“Having the MammoSite here and being able to have the services in Marshalltown, Dr. Prow, Dr. Van Buren and Dr. Rhoades (Ames) were all great,” stated Kesterson, “we’ve been really pleased with the teamwork and the support that they’ve given me and my family.”

Kesterson recommends to all women to, “get a mammogram every year or whenever your doctor recommends it, early detection is really important.” She also thanks her support system and recommends that every woman who has cancer to find someone you can talk to.

McFarland Clinic provides coordinated care for breast cancer patients. Surgeons, oncologists and radiologists are all available throughout the network to help during a patient’s diagnosis and treatment with breast cancer.

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