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May 4, 2011

Thomas Greenwald, MD, a board certified orthopaedic surgeon for McFarland Clinic, has recently added to his credentials by receiving Subspecialty Certification in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. This certification means he has achieved a level of proficiency in each of the areas comprising the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine as defined by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

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May 3, 2011

Q: What causes a woman to have a heavy period (menorrhagia)? A: Menorrhagia is an abnormally heavy and prolonged menstrual period at regular intervals. This condition may be present due to many different causes. The first step is to make sure that pregnancy is not the cause since a spontaneous...
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April 18, 2011

As the mercury continues to climb this spring, people begin working in their yard and frequenting parks all in preparation for a summer full of outdoor fun. But for those who suffer from spring allergies, warmer temperatures often mean enjoying the weather while managing their symptoms. Allergies (allergic rhinitis) occur...
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April 14, 2011

In 1998, then 37-year-old actor Michael J. Fox revealed to the public that he had Parkinson’s disease. Through his revelation, this silent, debilitating disease that affects 1 million people in the United States was suddenly brought into the homes of everyone in America. Parkinson’s is a progressive, neurological disease that...
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April 8, 2011

While an x-ray might be the most common imaging test performed at McFarland Clinic, it’s certainly not the only one – in fact, more than 30,000mammograms, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans, and ultrasounds were completed in 2010 alone. Along with these common tests, other imaging services offered by McFarland’s team...
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April 1, 2011

Sleep apnea is a relatively common sleeping disorder, but one that is important to manage for a patient’s overall health, says McFarland Clinic Neurologist Selden Spencer, M.D. This disorder is caused by blocked or narrowed airways in your nose, mouth or throat while you sleep at night, which in turn...
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March 18, 2011

As the doctors at McFarland Clinic are treating thousands of patients a year, members of the clinic’s Clinical Research Department are working with a smaller, yet vitally important, group of patients, introducing them to cutting-edge products and medications that are currently going through trials to assess their success. The Clinical...
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March 16, 2011

The gradual loss of kidney function is called chronic kidney disease or failure. When this occurs, a patient’s kidneys are damaged and left unable to filter waste and excess fluids from the blood that are normally emitted through urine. As a result, dangerous levels of waste and fluid to build...
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January 7, 2011

By: Amy Stark , PT, DPT, McFarland Clinic Webster City Physical Therapy Do icy sidewalks and parking lots have you worried about getting out and about for fear of falling? Have you experienced back pain after shoveling snow? Here are some tips for a safer, more enjoyable winter. There are...
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January 4, 2011

Often people say they have the stomach flu, little do they know that this is not actually caused by the influenza viruses. People who have the stomach flu have what is called gastroenteritis. “Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the stomach, small and large intestines, which can be caused by various...
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